Help Professional Societies, Help You

Professional societies are available for every profession and sometimes there are multiple, depending on their primary focus. Professional societies, or organizations, serve different purposes to different people. Some just want to say they belong, some read their monthly newsletter, some attend their luncheons, some people use it for networking, and some are deeply involved with furthering their profession through these professional organizations. They are what you put into them; depending on what outcome you are looking for.

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Why Millennial doesn’t have to be a Dirty Word

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of the word millennial? Entitled? Lazy? Most people have negative connotations about today’s generation. They think that millennials are entitled and don’t feel the need to work hard for what they are given. Now we don’t have to leave our house to go shopping, we have bills automatically paid, we can text instead of call, and most things nowadays are instant. But, is this always such a bad thing?

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