How to Get Things Done, Faster and Easier

In one of my classes in the MBA program, we are reading this book entitled Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. It’s about learning how to make changes in your life or your company. It’s based on the premise that there is an elephant, a rider, and a path. While haven’t gotten to the section on the path yet, there are two things in the rider section that really resonated with me that I want to share with you.

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Invest in Your Retirement, Literally

I know, you’re just a twenty-something trying to have fun, but you really need to be thinking about your retirement. More importantly how you plan to not work until you’re 80 because you couldn’t figure out how to save money early in life. And by the time we’re old, we won’t be able to get our social security check until were like 75. So unless you plan on working that long, you should probably start saving for retirement. Just going to throw that out there.

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Delicious, Yet Quick and Healthy – Chicken, Quinoa, and Tomato Salad

It’s always tough eating a healthy lunch while at work. If you don’t make food in the morning before you leave, you’ll probably end up eating some quick, which isn’t always healthy. Now, since my sleeping habits prohibit me from having much time in the morning I have to make my food ahead of time. I’m also not one to cook every day so I (try to) meal prep every Sunday for the week, otherwise I’ll end up eating about three sandwiches from Port-of-Subs and two pre-made salads from the grocery store, which don’t always taste so great and probably aren’t the healthiest salads. This meal is healthy and can be made a week ahead of time and it still tastes good.

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You Need to Get Yourself a Mentor

Having a mentor can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your career. They have already been through what you are going through right now so why not have them help you out? They can offer advice and give contacts, and many other things that you might not have in your budding career. Since I am a woman in the engineering and construction industry, I think that it is all the more important. It’s hard being a woman in construction. Construction is usually for the “good ol’ boys” so being a woman in this industry can sometimes be tough. It’s important to find other women who have broken through and made a name for themselves. I can think of a few women in my community who are exceptional examples. Here are 5 reasons of why having a mentor is important for your career.

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5 Staples to any Professional Woman’s Wardrobe

Thankfully at my job I don’t have to dress up too often. I am not the kind of girl that likes to put a bunch of makeup and do her hair every morning. I’m more the “sleep until the very last second” kind of girl. Perks of working in the engineering and construction field. Although being covered in dirt at the end of the day is not something that I look for in a job. While my attire usually consists of boot cut jeans, a flannel shirt, and work boots, there are some occasions that I have to dress up. So, I have found that these 5 staples are very important to have in any young professional’s closet.

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Get Noticed (in a good way) at Work

Sometimes it can feel hard to stand out at work, especially if you work in a big company. This is amplified when you are young and people don’t take you seriously. And even more so when you are a woman. We have to work extra hard to prove ourselves to coworkers and superiors. It’s not easy and it takes time but it will happen. Here are some small things that you can do that will make a difference over time.

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Interviewing is Scary

Interviewing for a new job is scary for everyone, for obvious reasons. It can be especially frightening if you aren’t prepared. Of course you are probably never going to know exactly what questions the interviewer is going to ask, but there are other ways to make sure that you are adequately prepared, or at least so that you appear like you are. Continue reading “Interviewing is Scary”