5 Staples to any Professional Woman’s Wardrobe

Thankfully at my job I don’t have to dress up too often. I am not the kind of girl that likes to put a bunch of makeup and do her hair every morning. I’m more the “sleep until the very last second” kind of girl. Perks of working in the engineering and construction field. Although being covered in dirt at the end of the day is not something that I look for in a job. While my attire usually consists of boot cut jeans, a flannel shirt, and work boots, there are some occasions that I have to dress up. So, I have found that these 5 staples are very important to have in any young professional’s closet.

  1. The Pencil Skirt. I firmly believe that a good pencil skirt looks good on anyone. Its down to the knees which leaves no dispute for if it is work appropriate of not. And high-waisted pants and skirts are the thing right now so we should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. The skirt is a great article of clothing to have a little more fun with. My favorite one is blue with some fancy stitching to make it more exciting (probably the least boring piece of business professional clothing that I own).
  2. The Slacks. Now slacks can be tricky, but they are necessary. I have always had a horrible time trying to find business slacks that look good on my body type. It might take some time to find the right pair, but prevail. You will eventually find a good pair that you like. And I suggest black. Black matches (almost) everything so you don’t have to worry about shirts to match.
  3. The Blouse. I think that every girl needs a trusty blouse. Personally, I like white. It is eye catching and bold, without being the bright red kind of bold. I tend to stick to neutral colors and white is a good accent. I mean like stark white, not off white. I like to have a pop of color with my accessories (hand bags and shoes) so white compliments this well, especially when paired with black.
  4. The Blazer. This is useful for colder days, or if your office is always freezing like mine. Now this needs to be well fitted. It needs to hug your figure in order for you to pull it off. Any woman needs a good blazer, and I’m still looking for mine.
  5. The Watch. This is important. It brings the whole outfit together and gives you a more professional feel. Nothing says adult more than a good watch. You should definitely invest in one if you haven’t already.

    You can never go wrong with black and white.

I found a lot of my staple items at Ann Taylor. I know what you’re thinking, “that place is for old women”. And maybe some of their clothes are, but they do have pieces that are good for business attire. Now, most of their stuff is pretty expensive so you have to think about buying from there as more of an investment. Another store that I love is Express. While I’ve never bought a pair of pants there, they have tons of cute, professional shirts that come in like ten different colors (my favorite thing). They are always having great sales so I never buy anything there at full price. Wait until the sale comes and shopping for work clothes will be that much better. Because who wants to buy slacks when they could buy a burrito instead?

Comment below and tell me some stores that you like to shop at for your business attire!

Author: Lindsey Owens

Civil Engineer | MBA Student | Young Professional

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