Interviewing is Scary

Interviewing for a new job is scary for everyone, for obvious reasons. It can be especially frightening if you aren’t prepared. Of course you are probably never going to know exactly what questions the interviewer is going to ask, but there are other ways to make sure that you are adequately prepared, or at least so that you appear like you are. Being confident in who you are and what you bring to table is just as important. Not all companies hire on qualifications. There are companies that will hire a person just based on personality. It doesn’t matter that you have never answered phones or know the company’s computer system. What matters the most is that you have a bright and kind personality. That’s what people want to see when they walk into an office. Now a receptionist is a generic example, but you get what I mean. Sometimes, it’s just as much about personality and character as it is about skills and experience. You can’t bank on being the smartest person or the one with the most experience, you also have to be confident and easy to work with. And these are things that interviewers are looking for. They already know your skills and experience from your resume. Now, they are here to see you. Below are some steps that you can take to ensure that you are as prepared as can be for any job interview that may (hopefully) come your way.

This is the kind of attitude that you’re going to have for your next interview.
  1. Research the company and position: There is going to be a point in the interview where you can ask questions. You need to have a few prepared. This shows that you are truly interested in the job and the company. If you go in there not knowing at least a little bit about what they do or what the job entails, you are not going to look good at all. So do a little research first.
  2. Pick the right outfit: The outfit is very important. Not only because you want to look professional, but you want to be comfortable in what you are wearing. You are going to be uncomfortable enough interviewing, you shouldn’t add to that by wearing something that doesn’t make you feel like yourself. So if you don’t like patterns like me, then don’t wear patterns. Or if you don’t feel like yourself in red, then don’t wear red even if it is the “power” color. Make it feel as normal as possible.
  3. Arrive early and calm: This is key. First of all, it does not give a good first impression to show up late. That is a huge no-no. So give yourself time and a half to make sure that if anything goes wrong, you have time to adjust. This includes knowing where you are going the day before and how long it will take to get there. Being late and rushing will make you lose your calm. Avoid that at all costs.
  4. Super man/woman pose: This one may seem ridiculous but scientific studies show that it really works. Before any stressful situation if you pose in way that is open and expansive, hormone levels in your body can actually change. Testosterone can increase and cortisol (creates stress) can decrease. Now for you skeptics, I also thought that it was crazy. But I swear I really felt a difference.

Try out the superman pose for yourself and see how it really can change how you feel!

Author: Lindsey Owens

Civil Engineer | MBA Student | Young Professional

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