Make Your Office Less Boring and More Productive

When you first move in, offices and cubicles can be extremely plain. You might get a phone and a computer, a desk for your phone and computer to rest on, and a chair to sit at your desk. Usually, that’s about it. It can be depressing to tell you the truth, especially if you move into a big office. You are going to need to fill it with something. So here are some ideas on what to fill your office with that can also increase productivity.

Plants, so many plants. Okay, not so many plants but enough to bring some life and oxygen into the room. Studies have shown that even just one plant can increase productivity. Plus they look nice. Although, if you’re like me, you will need a cactus or a plant that doesn’t need a lot of attention. It used to be my responsibility to water the plants at my office. Emphasis on the words “used to be”.

Succulents are easy to manage office plants.

Have a cute dog? Or a cute baby? Great. Bring in a picture or two of them. Personalize your space. It will make you feel more at home and has also been shown to increase productivity. Even if you don’t want to have pictures of your dog or baby hanging up, you can still bring in some decorations that you enjoy. Whether it’s your favorite quote, or where you daydream about going on vacation (that can’t be productive, can it?), hang it up and make your office your own.

And lastly, lighting. Now some of you may not be next to a window. But if you are, open the window. Let some natural light in, and soak up that Vitamin D. If you are not next to a window, look into natural light bulbs. I know that I greatly dislike those LED lights that make everything look terrible, but there are some alternatives.

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Author: Lindsey Owens

Civil Engineer | MBA Student | Young Professional

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