Why Millennial doesn’t have to be a Dirty Word

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of the word millennial? Entitled? Lazy? Most people have negative connotations about today’s generation. They think that millennials are entitled and don’t feel the need to work hard for what they are given. Now we don’t have to leave our house to go shopping, we have bills automatically paid, we can text instead of call, and most things nowadays are instant. But, is this always such a bad thing?

Everything is right at our fingertips.

Think about all the ways that this makes our lives easier. Having things be automatic means that we have more time to do the things that are important to us. And a lot of these changes were brought to us by millennials. Millennials may be entitled but couldn’t this also mean that we expect things because we hold ourselves to a higher standard? Maybe we are lazy because we have found ways to make our lives easier. But couldn’t this also make us forward-thinkers? Maybe we tend to spend more money than previous generations but doesn’t that boost the economy?

I’m not saying that I love being called a millennial and I think that everything my generation does is right. I dislike a lot of characteristics that my generation seems to be, but I think that if we tried a little harder we could use our so-called “negative characteristics” to make positive, impactful changes for people now and those in the future. I think that we as young professionals need to be this driving force of change. We not only have the skills to move our planet towards being more accepting, sustainable, and efficient, but we also have decades to implement and maintain our missions. We have the power to be the most destructive generation, but also to be the most helpful generation. It’s all in the way that we choose to use our unique generational skills and characteristics.

I think that young professionals have a lot to offer in advancement of businesses. I see things everyday at my own work that are antiquated and wasting money and I know that I have the skills to change them. I am hoping that with a few more young managers that we can make streamlining some processes easier and more frequent. They will be changes that will be helpful to not only us as managers but to the executives as well. So if you’re down on the fact that you are in the millennial generation, think about all of the skills that you have and how you can make them positive characteristics to produce constructive changes in your world.

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Author: Lindsey Owens

Civil Engineer | MBA Student | Young Professional

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